Founding Members

(Defined as individuals and organizations who/which participated in meetings during the process of building the United Front up to the adoption of the By-Laws and were members at the time of the Retreat of July 14-16, 2017.)

The Founding Members of The United Front are the following:


Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti
Nom du signataire/President: Maître Marie Lynn Toussaint
Ville (Pays): Chicago, IL.

Society for Haitian Research, Inc (SHR)
Nom du signataire: Monalisa Ferrari, Chairperson
Ville (Pays): Brooklyn, NY

Haitian American Grassroots Coalition (HAGC)
Nom du signataire/President: Jean Robert Lafortune
Ville (Pays): Miami, Florida

The Haitian Alliance of Georgia
Nom du signataire/President: M. Frantz Bourget
Ville (Pays): Atlanta, Georgia

National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians (NOAH)
Nom du signataire/President: Col. (Ret.)  Dr. Joseph E. Baptiste, DDS
Ville (Pays): Washington, DC.

Rethink Haiti, Inc.
Nom du signataire/President: Major Joseph Bernadel (Ret.) US Army
Ville (Pays): Boynton Beach, Florida

Haitian Diaspora Working Group
Nom du signataire/President: Jean Robert Lafortune
Ville (Pays): Miami, Florida

National Haitian American Elected Officials Network (NHAEON)
Nom du signataire/President : Joseph Makhandal Champagne, Avocat
Ville (Pays), Toms River, NJ

Haitian UNITED FRONT of the West and Midwest
Nom du signataire/President: Dr. Joel Augustin, MD
Ville (Pays): Chicago, IL

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Nom du signataire/President: Major Joseph Bernadel
Ville : Del Ray Beach, FL

Haiti Renewal Alliance
Nom du signataire/President : Firmin Backer, BS MS MA
(Pays):Washington, DC

Regroupement International des Causes Sociales
Nom du signataire/President: Frantz Délice
Ville (Pays): Montréal, Canada

Fédération de la Diaspora Haïtienne en Europe (FEHDE)
Nom du signataire/President: Jean-Pierre Roy
Ville (Pays): Paris, France

Haiti-Jamaica Society
Nom du Signataire/President : Myrtha Désulmé
Ville (Pays): Kingston, Jamaïque

National Haitian Student Alliance
Nom du signataire/President: Lucson Joseph
Ville (Pays): Florida USA.

Haitian Resource Development Foundation (HRDF)
Nom du signataire/President : Aldy Castor MD
Ville (Pays): Weston, Florida

Haitian Alliance and Land Trust
Nom du signataire/President: Jean-Claude Bourget
Ville : Atlanta, GA

The Hyppolite Foundation
Nom du signataire/President : Dr. Jean Wesner Hyppolite
Santo Domingo, DR


Lionel Jean-Baptiste,
Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti
Address : Chicago

Max Gustave Joseph,
Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti
Tamarac, FL.

Alix Claude,
Comptable, Haitian Congress to fortify Hait
Chicago, Il.

Dr. Joël Roy Augustin,
Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti,
Chicago, Il.

Dr. Jean Benito Mercier,
Kansas City Haitian Association
Nassau, Bahamas

Dominique Desmangles
Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Ludovic Comeau Jr.,
Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti
Chicago, IL

Johnny Celestin
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dr. Marielys Ewa, DDS,
Dusable Heritage Association
Chicago, IL

Wund Hyppolite
North Carolina

Yvans Morisseau,
Haitian Diaspora Working Group
Miami, FL

Charlot Lucien
Boston, MA

Albert Decady,
Haiti Renewal Alliance
Washington, DC

Edwin Paraison,
Zile Fondacion
Dominican Republic

Me. George Gabrielle Paul,
Julie & Jane Foundation
Jeremie, Haiti

Jacky Poteau
Boston, MA

Laurent Pierre Phillip,
Nordwest United

Manes Pierre

Samuel Colin,

Josue Lucien,
Boston. MA

Dr. Paul Lamos,
Boston, MA

Wesley Madhere
Atlanta, GA

Wilner Auguste
Boston, MA

Ivelyn Dalmacy

Louis Bosquet

Henry Desrosiers

Esperancia Cezar,

Marie Presmy,
Washington, DC

Sabine Albert

Alix Baptiste,

Gilbert Hyppolitte

Making A Difference Thru Unity & Organization.

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Why Join U.H.F.

To make our contribution, the Diaspora will have to build an independent authority to overcome systematic exclusion by the Haitian Establishment which includes the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government, the business class and the Civil Society of Haiti (officially- appointed or self-appointed).

Membership Plans

We have 3 different types of membership levels available.  Volunteer, Full Access and Active Member.  Each level of membership insures that your participation is utilized in the most effective capacity.  Visit our membership page for more detailed information.